Day 17 and the last day

Yesterday in class we learnt phrasal verbs and we also look at information about The Beatles. We listened to some of the songs and there were lots of phrasal verbs in the lyrics, like ‘We can work it out’ & ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’. In the afternoon we went to the Post Office and Rosa and Julia changed money. Then, we got on the train to James Street. Then, we went to Beatles museum. It was very funny and interesting. There was a Cavern replica and the yellow submarine. Later, we went to see the film in 4D. It was amazing! They squirted water at us and the seat moved a lot and bubbles came out of the screen when the submarine went in the water.

The film was short so we had free time to go shopping. Sergio and Julia bought an ice cream. In the evening we went to a barbaque in Rosa’s house and the food was great! Then we spoke with the French students a little bit and we had it fun! ūüôā We also bought the Michelle’s ‘Thank You’ present.

Today is the last day! When we arrive to Michelle’s house we gave her some¬†flowers¬†and chocolate and a card, she was very surprised and happy! In class we did a quiz to review the things that we leant in the last two weeks. ¬†After that we made a cake and we had lunch. In the afternoon we will go to play laser. We think it will be very funny!

This months was fantastic! We have a lot of fun. We visited a lot of places: cities, a stadium, we went to Blackpool… We also leant a lot of English in the class with Michelle and with the family. We think staying with an English family and to have lessons is the best way to learn to speak English. We think stay here one month is a very good¬†experience¬†because you can have fun and learned a lot!!

Thank you for following us and reading what we write ūüôā

Day 16

On Monday we saved the budget because we wanted to go to Chester Zoo. We saw a lot of different animals like elephants, giraffes, birds and insects but we preferred the monkeys because they were playing all the time and there were baby monkeys hanging to the mothers. The funniest thing was when a monkey ate it’s own poo! :/ We had a relax time during the lunch except Jorge forgot to take his pack lunch so we all gave him some sandwiches and crisps and Michelle bought us some ice-creams! We were looking all day for the camels and finally at the end we saw them. We bought photos of us that the zoo make so it was like we were in the jungle!

Later we went to Liverpool and we had dinner in a buffet, we were hungry, especially Jorge but then we ate 3 plates each and so we had stomachache. Then we had to run a lot, first from the restaurant to the Limestreet station but then this was closed so we had to run with our stomachaches to James Street where finally we took the train. In the end we arrived home a little late and very tired but it was a funny day!

4th weekend

On Saturday we went to pleasure beach in Blackpool with the Spanish students who live in Wallasey. In there, there were more people than the last time we went because now the children don’t go to school but it was so funny. We have good luck because the weather was very good and all the atracctions were open. We ate there in a restaurant. After lunch we came back home and when we arrived to Bebington we went to Rosa’s house because the weather wasn’t good.

On Sunday in the morning¬†we went to the swimingpool in Chester. We had some problems with the train because the train line in New Brigton was closed and the bus pass doesn’t cover Chester, so we had to wait in the train station for one hour. When we could enter in Chester we went to The North Gate Arena and we had a lot of fun. We also bought a band for the sauna so we used it and we also bought a hot chocolate :3

Later we came back to house by train.

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Day 15

On Friday in class we were learning what we need to write a short story using the passive. Michelle gave us a story about a haunted house and we looked for all the passive phrases and decided if they were present, past or future. We also thought of ‘story words’ like suddenly, once upon a time, in the end etc. Then we made our own story together in the group. It was really funny because we played the game where you fold the paper after each sentence and the other people don’t know what you write. We laughed a lot when we finally looked at the whole story. Here it is for you to see – is a different colour for each person!

In the afternoon we visited the new Liverpool museum, it was about the history of Liverpool and there was a funny room with Karaoke and outside no sound could be heard, it was really funny because on the TV was our favourite song the Yellow Submarine! we laughed a lot this day.

Day 14

Yesterday in class we learnt how to do a CV. We practised the vocabulary of jobs from the other day including skills and also we acted different adjectives for an interview like shy, cheerful, nervous and confident and the others had to guess it. Michelle show us her own CV and then we made our own giant CV together and then a small one and imagined it was for our dream job. After we also saw some interesting videos from the TED website that Michelle likes. They were very good and with subtitles so we could understand it.

¬†In the afternoon we went to Liverpool by train. There, we visited the most interesting places to record a video. We spoke about the world, museum, cathedrals, the train station (James Street), the radio station, the shopping, etc. It was good. In the evening we went to the “disco”. There, we met new French and Spanish students. In the disco we danced with them. It was the last disco so we wanted to have a lot of fun.

Here is our video of the things to see and do in Liverpool!

Day 13

Yesterday we learnt vocabulary about films and we did a short review of a film that we had seen. In the afternoon we went to the cinema to watch Kung Fu panda 2. It was about a panda that plays Kung Fu and he has to fight to save the Kung Fu.  He also has to know who he is and who are his parents. The main character was a Panda called Poo and the villain was a Peacock. There was a lot of kung-fu fighting but it had a happy ending. The film was set in China, we liked it because it was easy to understand and it was funny. Here is the trailer

Later we had more time so Michelle took us to pick our own strawberries and¬†raspberries. We walked along the countryside and we picked a basked for each one. Julia found the perfect strawberry and she said “look, it’s just like the ones in the shops!” Later we met with five¬†Spanish¬†students in Port Sunlight but we only were there for 30 minutes and we went to Liverpool again. In Liverpool we ate noodles, they were fantastic! Then we came back home.

Day 12

Yesterday we leant about shopping experiences, we decided the positive and the negative things of going shopping. We also practised a dialogue between a shop assistant and a customer in pairs and we recorded it with Audacity.

Rosa & Jorge shop dialogue

Sergio & Julia shop dialogue

When we were at the station we saw a very tiny baby frog so we took a picture of it and then Jorge put it into the forest so that it didn’t go onto the tracks.

In the afternoon we went shopping in Liverpool. We had a list ¬†of things to find, for example: “50% off, free, sale, exit…”¬† And we had to make a photo of all of this things. We also found a piano in the street and were playing a piano that was in the street, people were looking at us but it was funny!¬†Then we got on the train and we came home. We had dinner and then we met at Rosa’s house. We were speaking in Rosa’s room and then we all returned home.